Guitar and Bass

Guitar & Bass

We offer a variety of services for keeping your guitar playing and sounding its best, from simple restringing and setups to complex modifications.

See below for pricing on our most common services, for complex repairs or modifications please ask us for a quote.

Need repair or modification advice? Call to organise a time to meet with our repairer to discuss what’s best for your guitar.


Replace Single String $8.80 + string

Tune Only $11.00

6 String Acoustic and Electric

Service - $44 + strings

  • removal of old strings
  • cleaning and conditioning of fretboard
  • polish frets
  • check machine heads, tighten and lubricate where necessary
  • clean and polish guitar body, neck and headstock. Apply wood conditioning to bridge.
  • Check neck relief (forward curvature of the neck)
  • Adjust truss rod where necessary
  • Check and adjust action (string height)
  • Check and adjust intonation of guitar
  • Restring
  • Check onboard electronics
  • Tune
  • Test play


12 String, Floyd Rose or similar

Basic Service - $66 + strings

Nut Replacement

Pre-Cut Plastic Nut (includes service) - $88 + cost of part
Cut and Fit Bone Nut (includes service) - $132 + cost of part

Saddle Replacement

Pre Cut Plastic Saddle (includes service) - $66 + cost of part
Cut and Fit Bone (includes service) - $88 + cost of part


Machine Head Replacement (includes service) - $66 + cost of parts 
Simple Electronic repairs - $44-$88 (dependant on model of guitar and complexity of work) + cost of parts
Pickup Replacement from - $44 + cost of parts