Brass and Woodwind

Brass and Woodwind


Woodwind instruments are recommended for servicing every 6 - 12 months to maintain optimum playability, they can need cork replaced, keys aligned or thorough cleaning.
Our woodwind repairer Laith Ismail is an expert in the field (along with being a pretty incredible teacher and Oboe player), who also boasts extent value for money and fast turnaround.

Woodwind Services offered:

  • Replace pads
  • Replace key corks
  • Precision key regulation and height adjustment
  • Tenon corks checked
  • Excessive key play reduced
  • Spring tension adjusted
  • Tone holes refaced
  • Basic cleaning
  • Lubricate keywork
  • Full rebuilds

Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas etc.

We offer basic brass servicing through to full rebuilds, simple repairs like pulling stuck mouthpieces or simple services can be performed in store. for more complex repairs we use a selection of trusted and professional repairers.

Brass Services offered:

  • Dissemble instrument
  • Flush valves and lead pipes
  • Replace felts, corks and springs
  • Lubricate all slides and valves
  • Minor, accessible dents removed
  • Polish silver plated instruments
  • Polish lacquer plated instruments
  • Full rebuilds
  • Pull stuck mouthpieces